How do I downgrade to an older version of Xamarin?

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In general you can downgrade a Xamarin package by running the old version of the installer package. For example, to downgrade from Xamarin.iOS to Xamarin.iOS, run the monotouch- installer. Typically it is not necessary to uninstall the newer version of Xamarin before downgrading.

In some uncommon situations, downgrading without uninstalling the newer version might cause a problem. If the installer fails, or if your environment has difficulty loading or building projects, you might need to uninstall Xamarin before running the old installer package.

Compatible versions

Compatibility issues can arise if you install one installer package without installing other corresponding packages. For example, if you develop in Xamarin Studio on Mac and downgrade from Xamarin.iOS (Sep 19, 2014) to Xamarin.iOS (Sep 8, 2014), we recommend you also downgrade Xamarin Studio from 5.4 (Sep 19, 2014) to 5.3 (Sep 9, 2014).

Download links

Links for the recent individual installer packages can be found on If you do not yet have a Xamarin account, you can create one on

Xamarin individual installer download links

Note about old versions

The downloads page only lists the last few Stable releases. If you wish to downgrade to an earlier version that is not shown, please send an email to to request the download links you need.

Note about Beta and Alpha versions

The recommended way to update to Beta and Alpha versions is to change the updates channel. If you cannot use the IDE updater for some reason, you can send an email to to request the download links.

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