What support options are available for Xamarin?

As shown on https://www.xamarin.com/support, several options are available. Here are some quick initial recommendations inspired by Stack Overflow on how to pick the best option:

"What does this error mean?" or "How do I ... ?" Stack Overflow under the xamarin tag
"I believe this problem is caused by a defect in the Xamarin source code." Xamarin Bugzilla
"I have an idea, feature request, or new documentation request." Xamarin UserVoice page
"What resources, frameworks, or tools do other users recommend for ... ?" (and other open-ended discussions) Xamarin Forums
"I have a question about subscriptions, licensing, or pricing." Email or call using the contact info on the FAQ

If you are new to Xamarin or have other questions about these options, be sure to check out the additional details below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Available Support Options

How is the Xamarin support team changing now that Xamarin is part of Visual Studio?

As the old Xamarin subscriptions gradually expire and users transition to the new entitlements that are part of Visual Studio, the Xamarin support team is shifting emphasis from email support to Stack Overflow, Bugzilla, UserVoice, and the Xamarin forums. To promote the continuing growth of the Xamarin developer community, we encourage all users to contribute their thoughtful questions on those sites when possible, but other options are still available as needed depending on your subscription type.

What happens to Xamarin Ultimate, Enterprise Suite, and Business subscriptions?

Nothing changes in your plan, product entitlements, and the way we support and help you. Over time, current Xamarin Ultimate and Enterprise Suite subscriptions will transition to a new Mobile Lifecycle Solution that includes even greater value with combined Xamarin and Microsoft products. You will receive detailed information from your Xamarin account representative.

I have a non-expired Xamarin Ultimate, Xamarin Enterprise Suite, or Xamarin Business subscription. How do I contact Xamarin for email support?

Continue to submit technical support questions using the same Xamarin support email addresses as usual. If you have a non-expired Xamarin subscription, those support email addresses will appear under the Get Support link on your Xamarin account page.

Please also continue to contribute your thoughtful “How do I …?” questions on Stack Overflow, especially now that the Xamarin team is ramping up its involvement there. Xamarin’s consulting partner services are another excellent resource to consider for larger implementation questions.

What happens to email support when my existing Xamarin subscription expires and I switch to using Xamarin as an integrated part of Visual Studio?

When you switch to using Xamarin as an integrated part of a Visual Studio subscription, the email support workflow also integrates to use Visual Studio’s standard support incident system. See the next question about “Visual Studio email support incidents” for more details.

Can I use my Visual Studio email support incidents for Xamarin topics?

Yes! Visual Studio support incidents submitted for the Xamarin tools on https://support.microsoft.com/assistedsupportproducts are now handled by the Xamarin support team. These incidents are part of the Visual Studio subscriber benefits and enterprise support policies. See the Microsoft Support FAQ for more information on the policies for these incidents. As always, be sure to also take advantage of the knowledgeable Xamarin developer community via Stack Overflow, Bugzilla, UserVoice, and the Xamarin forums.

Detailed Recommendations

“What does this error mean?” or “How do I … ?”

Additional resources

  • Check Xamarin’s Developer Center for documentation, guides, and samples.
  • Check Stack Overflow Documentation for community-contributed sample code and explanations.
  • Consider Xamarin’s consulting partner services for escalated assistance with feature implementation, bindings to third party Android, iOS, or Mac libraries, review of code for architecture advice, in-depth troubleshooting, memory/performance profiling, or optimization of existing code.

“What does this installation error mean?”

  • Post a question on Stack Overflow that includes both the xamarin and installation tags. As usual, be sure to check briefly for any previous questions that might have solved the issue before. See also "How do I ask a good question?

    (Note: This recommendation is still evolving to ensure that new users have the best access to assistance for common pitfalls during initial setup. Stay tuned for updates.)

Additional resources

“I believe this problem is caused by a defect in the Xamarin source code.”

  • File a bug on Xamarin’s Bugzilla so the Xamarin engineering team can investigate. See also "When and how should I file a bug report?"

    (For issues after Stable updates: Don’t hesitate to file a quick bug report if you run into an error, installation failure, or other unexpected behavior after updating to a new Stable version. Those reports are quite valuable. Of course, do be sure to check the release notes briefly in case the issue you are seeing might be an intentional change or known issue.)

Additional resources

“What does this error in a preview product mean?”

  • Please file a bug on Xamarin’s Bugzilla for any unexpected errors or behaviors you might find in a preview product. Your valuable feedback will help the Xamarin engineers improve the future versions of the preview.

    For community discussion about known issues and possible workarounds, you can post a question in the corresponding preview forum:

    • Profiler
    • Workbooks & Inspector
    • For SDK bindings previews for new versions of Android, iOS (and tvOS and watchOS), and Mac, find the corresponding preview release announcement in the Android, iOS, or Mac forum.
    • For other preview features, browse for a corresponding release announcement in the Prerelease & Betas forum. Or if there is no matching announcement, feel free to raise your question in its own thread in that forum.

“I have an idea, feature request, or documentation request.”

“I have a question about subscriptions, licensing, or pricing.”

  • Check the FAQ, and then use one of the contact options listed on that page for any follow-up questions.

“How do I get involved in Xamarin’s open source development projects?”

“I found a mistake or missing information in the Guides or Recipes on the Xamarin Developer Center.”

  • Use the I have a problem button to submit your feedback directly on the page where you noticed the issue.

“What resources, frameworks, or tools do other users recommend for … ?”

“Why do you … ?”

“When will you … ?”

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