What is the Xamarin Support Policy?

What are my Support options?

Xamarin support is primarily offered through the question and answer site “Stack Overflow”, an incredibly active Q&A site, that also serves the broader development community. The site can be found at http://stackoverflow.com. More information on using Stack Overflow can be found below.

Xamarin is also pleased to offer our own community forum, located at https://forums.xamarin.com/. This is a community of Xamarin developers, for Xamarin developers and is a great place to ask questions on our products.

For quick tips and fixes for many common issues, please check out the Xamarin Knowledge Base.

For filing and monitoring bugs, please use the Xamarin bug tracking system. This system utilizes Bugzilla and can be found at https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/. Be sure to review the guidelines for filing a bug here.

Advanced assistance on bespoke application development, issues with Xamarin Open Source projects, third party bindings to Android, iOS, or Mac libraries, review of code for architecture advice, memory/performance profiling, optimization of existing code, and isolating crashes is offered by Xamarin’s wide range of consulting partners.

Existing Xamarin customers will be able to get email support from the email addresses provided on their account page.

Using Stack Overflow

In order to best utilize the tools provided on Stack Overflow, there are a few items to keep in mind.

When submitting to Stack Overflow, it is important to be aware of the “MCVE” standards: Minimal, Complete, Verifiable Example. This principle ensures all samples are provided in a way that best allows for the community at large to assist. More information on this, as well as specific guidelines, can be found here.

Stack Overflow uses a tagging system to categorize questions; it is imperative to mark any posts with tags that best describe your issue. For example, a question about implementing a ListView in Xamarin.Forms would be tagged with “xamarin” and “xamarin.forms”, while a question regarding image galleries in Android would be tagged with “xamarin” and “android”.

It’s also important to note that any Stack Overflow post is public, so careful attention should be paid to protect any private or sensitive information.

While the Xamarin Support team does monitor and respond to questions on Stack Overflow, it is an open community. Not all questions will be answered by Xamarin team members, and not every responder is a Xamarin team member.

Which option do I use?

“How do I?”

These are perfect questions for Stack Overflow; tricky implementation questions, or questions about an API are what Stack Overflow was made for!

“Why do I have this error?”

These types of questions are also suited for Stack Overflow. There is a good chance that a member of the community has seen a similar error, and can provide valuable insight.

“Can you fix this bug?”

For these types of requests, please file a bug using our Bugzilla site.

“Can you implement this feature?”

You can file this as an enhancement on our Bugzilla site, but it might be best to share this on our Uservoice page.

“Why do you?”

Perfect for the forums where both Xamarin engineers and community members will be able to shed some light on your concerns.

“When will you?”

Another great forum candidate. Our engineers can hopefully provide some insight into the future!

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2016 07:33PM EDT