Xamarin Studio fails to start on Windows due to security settings

When Xamarin Studio fails to open on Windows, please check the log files located in the following directory:


If the logs contains an error such as: "Some of the assemblies required to run Xamarin Studio (for example gtk-sharp) may not be properly installed in the GAC," the security settings on the workstation is most likely set to require FIPS-compliant encryption. Until this issue has been resolved, please follow the below steps to disable FIPS compliant encryption:
  1. In Control Panel, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Local Security Policy.
  2. In Local Security Settings, expand Local Policies, and then click Security Options.
  3. Under Policy in the right pane, double-click System cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing, and then click Disabled.

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2014 11:25AM EDT